Enteron - portfolio (PDF, 3.6MB)
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Enteron is a studio from Brno, Czech Republic. We specialize on games and animations. We are focusing on online-adgames, that are part of bigger marketing campaigns. We offer full-service from development of the idea, game design, graphics and animation up to online registration and administration of scores. We also enjoy working on more complex games for different platforms (PC, Xbox). Apart of that we create animated ads, interactive animations, music videos and a lot more.



- we develop simple and complex online games - we create storyboards in accordance to your script
- game mechanics custom made for your brand, product or service - stylized and realistic graphics
- emphasis on joyfull gameplay and fun - different animation techniques (2D, 3D, pixilation)
- impressively elaborated game worlds - filming (camera, montage, shooting on greenscreen)
- lively world of animated characters - post-production effects
- registration of players - combination of techniques
- database registration - output for internet, TV, cinema, public screens
- scoreboard of best players
- facebook versions - multimedial presentations of brands, products or services
- multiplayer - texts, photography, illustration, animation, video, music, sounds, dabbing
- online and offline versions (for download or on CD) - interaktive elements
- placement on corporate site or creation of microsites (custom domain) - output for internet, lectures, exhibitions, museums, showrooms and others
- original music
- sound E-LEARNING

- learning in a fun and interactive way
COMPLEX GAMES - use of graphics, text, photography, illustrations, animations, video, audio
- extensive experience with complex game projects
- PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, XBox 360, PlayStation 3 CHARACTER DESIGN
- action script 3, C++, Unity - we design characters for games, animations, comics and bill-boards